undergroundBritish society is witnessing a swift end to traditional family life; in fact Britain is a world-leader in terms of family breakdown:

  • The UK has the highest level of lone parenting in Europe.
  • 90% of couples live together before getting married.
  • Nearly 50% of children in the UK are now born out of wedlock.
  • In 2009, 95% of all births outside of wedlock were to teenagers.
  • 48% of children will experience the trauma of seeing their parents divorce by age 16.
  • Over 50% of cohabiting parents split up before their child’s 5th birthday.
  • A child in a single-parent family is 75% more likely to struggle in school, 70% more likely to become addicted to drugs, 50% more likely to develop a drinking problem and 35% more likely to be unemployed.
  • Family breakdown is linked to approximately 98% of the cases heard in the juvenile courts in the UK.
  • Family breakdown is estimated to cost each British taxpayer around £1,364 ($2,200) per year.

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