Chris, Lisa and Ethan

Chris was born and grew up in the UK. Lisa grew up in various towns around the Midwest United States. We met in Brussels, Belgium in 1995 while working on a business project.

We married in 1996 and spent the first few years of our marriage pursuing our careers more than our relationship with God or each other. We both saw the pain and devastation broken and disconnected families caused. We should have known better.

After the birth of our son, Ethan, on Easter Sunday, 2000, we soon realised we were on a downward spiral without God’s guidance for our marriage and family.

God provided the comfort and guidance we needed to heal our past and give us hope for tomorrow. Because of this, God is now allowing us to share the comfort He gave us with others as we serve Him.

We have a great passion for Britain, so we are excited at the opportunity to serve here and be able to do more one-on-one ministry with individuals and couples.