April 2018

Global Technology Leadership Conference

Joining with IT representatives from many countries where Cru missionary staff serve, I was fortunate to spend a few days in February at Cru’s headquarters in Orlando attending a Global Technology Leadership Conference.



Security and safety of Cru staff working in closed countries, where the respective governments aren’t as accepting of Christians, is of paramount importance – a group of us formed a working group to establish best practices for the computer systems we develop, and we compiled a presentation for Cru Leadership to consider.

Vision and Equipping

Despite having had flu the week prior, God gave me the energy and stamina to provide technical coverage for FamilyLife’s annual vision and equipping conference.

Over 120 people came together to think about how we are connected to God and to others and what impact that has on our lives and ministry.

Un Jour Ensemble

The FamilyLife team were privileged to be invited to host A Day Together in Brussels, Belgium on February 24th. 97 couples attended, and the feedback was extremely positive. The event was led in English with simultaneous French translation, something that the team had not attempted before. One of the translators mentioned she’d learned much from the day too.

A Day Together events have also been hosted recently in Cambridge and Newcastle.


GDP What? One of the challenges we face as an organization is the security and privacy of any personal data that we store. The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is a new European law coming into effect on 25th May 2018.

It is an important time for many organisations across Europe – a time where those in non-compliance may face heavy fines (up to 20 million Euros or 4% of global turnover). Even post-Brexit, these laws will remain in place, so it’s important we have a good grasp on the ins-and-outs of it.

I’m working with the IT team to understand and implement many of the changes required to our existing software platforms to ensure compliance.

Please join me in praying that we’re able to implement the changes without problem and that our efforts will be rewarded with total compliance of the new law ensuring the safety and privacy of everyone’s data.

Lisa’s  Updates

I have two major pieces of news to share with you. The first item I am happy to share is a massive praise that my spouse visa was renewed on the 26th March – one day before the old visa expired! You may recall that I was refused a renewal of my ministry worker’s visa in September 2015 which led to a mad dash to apply for a spouse visa back then. This time the whole process was so much easier. We had to travel to Glasgow, Scotland as that was the only Premium Service Centre with any openings for a couple of months. However, we had good friends who let use their flat in the area which overlooks one of my favorite places on earth – Loch Lomond.

From the provision of this lovely flat to parking right in front the Government’s Home Office building, this entire process was so much easier. I am now approved to remain on this visa until September 2020. Yay!

My second update centers on my role at the Bread House where I have been working since October. I have been privileged to work with and for a lovely manager who is leaving the Bread House to move back to the US with her husband. I am not ready to let her go, but I am grateful she will be in the area for a couple more months; especially in light of my next piece of news.

It is with great excitement and trepidation that I will taking her place as manager. I have loved the Bread House from its early days of being a newly-branded version of our church’s previous coffee shop, The Myrtle Tree. It is known for being a warm, friendly environment with excellent, top-quality food. I hope to help continue that reputation and equip our team to grow in its service and outreach to our community.

Your prayers for me and our team are greatly appreciated. Please pray for a strong, united team to develop and for the Bread House to be known for blessing its customers and community.

Prayer and Praise

Thank you for continuing to pray for us and your support. Please pray…

  • for continued fruit in each of our new roles.
  • for Matthew (name changed) who recently came to faith in Birmingham. Ask God to help him grow in his new faith and for our Student Life team to disciple him well.

And praise for…

  • Lisa’s visa and provision to continue serving in the UK.