June 2018

Behind the Scenes

Since switching roles to the IT team, most of what I now do revolves around back-end technology systems that help support the ministry and the missionaries in the field. So, what have I been focussing on?

May 25th came and went and thankfully the tech world continued to function as the GDPR legislation came into effect. The hard work and preparedness the rest of the team and I had done to ensure that Agapé UK would remain compliant was successful.

I have just begun an extensive project to re-architecture and revamp the Agapé UK website. Technology, like a car, can become obsolete and only able to be patched for a limited time before the rust starts to settle. It’s time for a new foundation for the ministry’s forward-facing website, a part of which is the user interface for setting up and maintaining UK supporters’ donations.

Please pray for this project, my ability to ensure quality, and security to protect the site from hackers.

Men’s Group

Every other Monday morning for the past 4+ years, I’ve been leading a small group of men through various bible studies and application studies. Not being a morning person, this is sometimes hard for me, but it’s always exciting to see the rewards of the fellowship and impact that the study has on the men, and on me.

Please pray for my perseverance preparing the studies, and for increased numbers at the group.

FamilyLife Facilitator Training

Earlier this month, 16 people from the UK, USA, Belgium, Iran, Jamaica and The Netherlands were trained to be facilitators for FamilyLife events.

It’s exciting to see the speaker-team growing and the potentially wider impact they can have reaching people for Christ through different marriage events and seminars.

Agapé Europe Summer Conference

Every six years Agapé staff across Europe come together for a conference where we are inspired, motivated, and encouraged with a fresh vision and equipped to know how we can serve, not only our individual nations, but also how we can collaborate Europe-wide.

This year the conference is being held from July 23rd to July 28th in Sursee, Switzerland – about a 75-minute drive southwest of Zurich.

Ministry Focus: Agapé Refugee Life

The Agapé Refugee Life (ARL) team work with Farsi-speakers, mainly refugees, in the UK and around the world, sharing the Good News through evangelism and discipleship, providing Iranian food and running English lessons for new arrivals in the UK, extending invitations to Bible studies run in Farsi and running baptism courses for those expressing faith.

Much of ARL’s work is about sharing life with Farsi people, helping them daily to see, hear, understand and be changed by the person and claims of Jesus. Conferences and events are also key in drawing people into the movement. One such event was a day conference in Manchester with around 100 people attending from all over the country. ARL’s director, Arman, was able to pray with two women who had recently arrived in the UK and were in desperate need of hope. “I realised again that our ministry is not just about bringing people to Christ for the first time but giving hope to people in a hopeless situation.”

Lisa’s  Updates

My work at the Bread House has been percolating along non-stop. I have a great deal to learn about inventory management, menu planning, staffing, and energy management. Managing a café is nonstop responsibility, and I am learning to act faster and prioritize more wisely. I would really appreciate your prayers to this end.

We have seen some amazing progress in people’s walk with Jesus through this work, and we have a sincere sense that there is a spiritual attack on the efforts of those involved with the Bread House.

There have been numerous facilities issues, employee accidents, and illnesses with the staff. Thankfully I have been studying the books of 1 and 2 Kings these last couple of months. It has helped me keep my eyes on Jesus and on His faithfulness in the midst of heavy demands and physical trials.

Over the last week, we were privileged to spend time with my sister, Nicole, and her boyfriend, John who were visiting from California. This was a welcome break from work as well as a precious time with Nicole and John. Ethan completed his exams while they were here, so we were able to celebrate his accomplishments together. It was the best gift!

We sure do miss many of you. Do drop us a line. We would love to hear from you too!

Prayer and Praise

Thank you for continuing to pray for us and your support. Please pray for…

  • protection for the ARL staff, having recently experiencing safety concerns.
  • a hedge of protection on Lisa, her staff and the Bread House outreach.
  • healing: for Lisa’s Achilles tendonitis.
  • the health and care of our parents: Lisa’s mom, and Chris’ dad.

And give praise for…

  • time we had to spend with Nicole and John.
  • the impact Lisa is seeing through the Bread House and outreach in the local community.
  • the impact Chris’ work is having “behind the scenes” on Agapé’s technology.