June 2016

If anyone can, Tou-can

We have talked about it for a while and now it is here! Introducing Toucan – an exciting, new, and unique online platform that helps you build a happier, healthier relationship so you can thrive together as a couple.

toucan-logo-horizontal-1-300x115Toucan brings practical relationship tools together in a fun way with video clips from authentic couples. These are ordinary, honest people sharing real stories of what’s worked for them, as well as their normal struggles.

Chris has been working intensely over the past 6 months as part of a core team to help develop this online platform. We are currently in the process of Beta testing during June and July.

The app works on any device and is highly interactive with many individual exercises to help you engage. But more than that; Toucan creates a conversation for you and your partner, taking you on a journey of discovery through specific and positive couple times.

Let us know if you’d like pre-launch access to the platform.

2016 Facilitator Training

Facilitators-2016Nearly 18 months ago our boss, Mark Daniel, met with a church leader in London. As they discussed how FamilyLife could be more culturally relevant and effective in the cities across the UK, this pastor advised that we needed more diversity in our speaker couples. Our content presented universal principles that are true anywhere, but the practical examples that are brought to life by our facilitators needed stories from couples of varying backgrounds in order for anyone who attends to find someone/something they could relate with.

Fast forward to April 2016 and we found ourselves training four very diverse couples to be facilitators for FamilyLife. What an amazing provision! These couples live in the UK, but they represent cultures from Iran, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Jamaica.

A special thanks to our home church in Sioux Falls, SD, Oak Hills Baptist, for sponsoring the training of these four couples. As we move forward, we are especially praying that God will use our new diversity to reach more couples from different ethnic backgrounds. (Think refugee crisis!)

ADT Cambridge

2016-05-07 10.50.07On May 7th we hosted A Day Together in Cambridge. You might have seen the photos on Facebook. The church was lovely and the sun was shining the whole day giving the couples the perfect setting to connect with one another.

Roughly 90% of the feedback from the day indicated, in one way or another, that the highlight of the day was having, “time to talk together with clearly, well defined exercises.” One person said, “You can share more here than you could in several years at home.”

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ADT Gerrards Cross

2016-05-14 11.50.13We held our third A Day Together event at St. James church in Gerrards Cross on May 14th. The feedback confirmed we are hitting the mark!

When asked what they would say to others about the day, one person replied: “I would really recommend coming to A Day Together so you can grow together and avoid growing apart.”

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On a Personal Note

2012_09_01_21_11_32_IMG_1453Many of you have likely heard that my dearly loved grandmother passed away on May 30th. She was like my second Mama and she will be deeply missed. Thank you to everyone who sent me sympathy and hugs over Facebook. Your love and prayers are sustaining us through a very painful loss.

Praise and Prayer

  • Praise God for the way He is supporting us through the ups and downs of cross cultural ministry and being far from family.
  • Pray for an honoring celebration of Grandma’s life on July 8th and for family to come closer together through it all.
  • Pray Ethan gets the results he needs on his exams to continue the plan he hopes to pursue for his education.
  • Pray for the upcoming FamilyLife events:
    • Agape Staff Conference (August 15-22) – Pray for the short-term mission team from Oak Hills coming to help support this staff event.
    • London 2 Paris Cycle Fundraiser (August 24th – 28th) – Pray for the safety of all the cyclists, including Lisa, Ethan, and Ethan’s friend, Carter.
    • A Day Together: Birmingham (October 1st) [We’ll be speaking at this one!]
    • A Day Together: Newcastle (October 15th)
    • A Day Together: Liverpool (November 5th)

Ethan’s Escapades

As of today I have completed 17 of my 23 exams. It has been a long haul, but I am nearly done and hoping that I can finish strong. I will have to wait until August 25th to get my results at which time I will be cycling from London to Paris to help raise funds for FamilyLife’s development of further modules in Toucan, which my parents have told you about. Mom and I would appreciate any support for our efforts. You can support us through the links on the London to Paris fundraising site.