The Proof is in the Feedback

dart-454190_1280You’ve likely heard the maxim, “What gets measured gets done.” At FamilyLife we aim to strengthen families by providing couples with practical relationship tools and setting them up to have meaningful conversations that help them resolve conflict, improve communication, and grow in intimacy.

On May 14th we hosted A Day Together event in Gerrards Cross. The feedback from that day confirmed that we hitting our target. Nearly every comment on the feedback forms demonstrated how A Day Together serves to provide a safe place where couples:

  • Discover the normalcy of challenges in marriage encouraging them to press on, 
  • Receive intentional time to focus on and strengthen their relationship, and 
  • Utilise very practical equipping – particularly in the areas of conflict resolution and communication.

 Here are some comments written on the day by couples:


“Hearing we are not atypical.”

“Communication, time away to talk about things, and hearing stories about other couples.”

“All brilliant! Excellent presenters, lots of time to talk as a couple.”

“Realising my husband and I are on the same page.”

Most important thing you learnt:

“Resolving Conflict.”

“Love Languages.”

“That we have a very solid relationship and open and honest marriage. Today has helped me to reaffirm how close our bond is.”

What would you say to others?

“It’s a great day, we have been three times now and it is an excellent investment in our marriage and our personal relationship.”

“Worth it. A useful prompt to talk over stuff that otherwise simmers in the background.”

“I would really recommend coming to A Day Together so you can grow together and avoid growing apart.”

“Want a lifetime together? Do A Day Together!”

What will you say?

This sort of feedback is consistent at FamilyLife’s A Day Together event. Don’t just take our word for it! There are plenty of opportunities to come along and provide your feedback. Find a venue that will work for you and your partner.