Summer Bible Conference – 2016

The Adult Sessions Shortly after our return from the US, we had our UK Staff Conference/Summer Bible Conference. This year we studied the Gospel of Mark.  I (Lisa) personally found this study a massive blessing. The format allowed me to spend several weeks gazing at Jesus. The book was broken down into 63 bite-size portions; … [Read more…]

The Proof is in the Feedback

You’ve likely heard the maxim, “What gets measured gets done.” At FamilyLife we aim to strengthen families by providing couples with practical relationship tools and setting them up to have meaningful conversations that help them resolve conflict, improve communication, and grow in intimacy. On May 14th we hosted A Day Together event in Gerrards Cross. … [Read more…]

What is your “Love Language”?

What makes you feel most loved? Words of Affirmation? Acts of Service? Receiving Gifts? Quality Time? Physical Touch? The way we express and receive love is unique to each person. In his book “The Five Love Languages®”, author Gary Chapman showcases this through the five emotional love languages mentioned above: Words, Acts, Gifts, Time, and … [Read more…]